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I dare you not to laugh when you look at this.



This is so true


Sing to me, O Siren fair

With sapphire eyes and silver hair

Me with your song you did ensnare

Sing to me, O Siren fair

Smile for me, O wondrous light

Shine and drive away the night

And bring the day so new and bright

Smile for me, O wondrous light.

Dance for me, O lovely one

With the innocence of the rising sun

Through the fields I see you run

Dance for me, O lovely one

Come to me, O beauty sweet

Your stunning face I smile and greet

Your loving arms I race to meet

Come to me, O beauty sweet

For throughout the turning of the clocks

When sailing ships do leave their docks

None ever crashed upon the rocks

That heard the fair song of Gary LeVox

Happy Flattsgiving!

Happy Flattsgiving!

A friend of mine tweeted this and I just HAS to share it with y’all.

Rascal Flatts avatar Joe Don

This is the only other one I did, since Jay scares me.

Rascal Flatts Avatar Gary

I was bored. This is the result.

Marching band Joe Don

Joe Don put on his old high school band uniform…and it still fits! He played French horn as well as playing on the football team. He would play the first half, run off and change into his band uniform, march with the band, change back into football gear, and run back out. One time, he even ran out still wearing his band shirt!

Little Gary LeVox

Cute picture of Gary as a child. What an adorable big smile! And he still has it today.

Gary LeVox

Gary LeVox

He’s sexy…and he knows it.

Welcome back for Chapter Five! Here, we have a change in POV, which will happen at times. This is my first time doing something like that, so please let me know how I did. Also, we gain a little insight into D. L.-verse Joe Don’s (not the real Joe Don. Sorry, fangirls) past in relation to Gary and Jay. That will play a major part later, too. Now, on to the story!

Disclaimer: You should know by now that I don’t own Rascal Flatts, just this alternate version of them.

– 5. Holes –

I was balanced right on the threshold between consciousness and uncosciousness. My whole body was numb with weakness and exhaustion. And cold. It was so cold, I swore I was turning to ice. Yeah, that would be wonderful news in a few generations. Alloran’s gone and his son can’t take the throne because he’s a block of ice since he froze after he couldn’t get a dead lethrarckh off his back. So, who wants to replace him?

Distantly, I felt strong arms around me, pulling me toward their owner. I felt water run off my face as I was lifted up. I floated gently on those arms to where they laid me down somewhere soft and warm. I heard sounds, but they were distant and almost unintelligible. I held on to those sounds, they were the only thing keeping me from slipping into the black pit of unconsciousness. I only caught snippets of what was being said.

“…-ary…-ake up-…”



“…needs…help!” The words became clearer as I concentrated on them. The feeling began to return to my body, and I realized I was on solid ground and someone was holding me and stroking my hair and forehead gently.

“Mhm…Joe…” I muttered and tried to move closer to him. A different pair of hands immediately stopped me.

“Don’t move, Gary.” Jay’s voice warned, “You’re hurt. Bad.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious.” I growled, causing Joe to try and conceal a snicker of amusement.

“Well, that’s a sure sign your head’s okay.” Jay snorted at his own joke.

“Yours won’t be if you keep it up.” I muttered.

“Stop it, Jay, this is serious! He could die! We need to stop the bleeding and find someone who can help him!” Joe Don’s voice was frantic with worry. Jay turned serious in an instant.

“All right, Joe, you’re right. You stay here with him and try to stop the bleeding, and I’ll go find someone to help him.” And Jay was gone in a rush of wings.

“Joe…” I gasped, red haze trying to cloud my eyes again. He touched my cheek gently.

“Shh, Gary. It’s okay. You’ll be all right.” Gently, he picked up my hand and held it in both of his, rubbing it softly as he held it.

“Juh…” I coughed before I got the word out. Blood splattered all over my face and neck, and even Joe Don’s face, since it was so close to mine. He said nothing, only held me tighter and continued stroking my hair. I whimpered softly at the pain in my throat from the demon’s bite. Joe Don turned my head slowly to where he could examine the bite. He touched it very gently, but I still winced and stiffened, my tail lashing a bit. Joe seemed to remember something then and gently laid me down on the grass. He disappeared from my sight for a little bit, but he was quick to return. Carefully, he lifted me up so he could wrap the animal skins he’d brought around my wounds.

“Joe…” I gasped weakly, amazed at how fast the poison was taking effect.

“Hush, Gary. Save your strength.” he replied softly.

Jay returned quickly with Maagnis and Alloran close behind. Maagnis immediately rushed to my side. She examined my wounds, as though she could see through Joe Don’s makeshift bandages. Her eyes traveled from my leg to my stomach, and finally, to my neck, where she gasped in horror.

“Lethrarckh.” Alloran growled.

“What?” Joe Don asked.

“He was bitten by a lethrarckh, a demon seductress. One working for Morzana, too, I’ll warrant.” He turned to Maagnis. ” Is there any way to draw the venom out?’

VENOM!?” Joe Don shrieked, which was surprising, since he was usually a very quiet person.

“Yes, lethrarckhs are venomous. It’s how they dispose of those they’ve had enough…fun…with.”

“Oh, Gary.” Joe Don held me tighter now. Maagnis examined the bite marks on my neck.

“Not by ordinary means I can’t.” she answered, “Unless it’s done magically, he’ll die before we can get an antidote.”

“Do it!” Joe Don cried, “Do it! Save him!”

“Not so fast, Joe Don. If we rush into this, we could hurt him even more.” That fazed him, since Joe wasn’t too keen on the idea of me getting hurt again.

“It will be painful-” Great, Alloran. Just what I wanted to hear, “-and will most likely leave him unconscious for a few hours. He may-“

“For Pete’s sake, just DO IT ALREADY!” Jay yelled, “We can talk later! Gary’s DYING!-” Joe Don winced at that, “-so we need to help him NOW!”

Maagnis stepped up to my side and began muttering in what I guessed was another language. Immediately, fire raced through my veins, my entire body felt like it was burning. Through watery eyes, I saw Jay and Joe Don cover their ears. And I heard screams, terrible pained screams like nothing I’d ever heard. So, of course, I was surprised when I figured out they were MY screams.

I saw what looked like liquid fire rising out of the wounds in my neck. As it rose, I could see it dissolve and disappear on the wind. After what seemed like ages, Maagnis stopped.

I didn’t realize I had been brought to my feet by the force of the magic until my knees buckled under me. Jay raced forward and caught me before I hit the ground. He immediately picked me up and took off carrying me in his arms. The gentle motion of his smooth flight slowly lulled me into unconsciousness.

Joe Don’s POV

I was right behind Jay as he took off with Gary in his arms. I couldn’t help feeling that this was my fault. If I hadn’t fought with Jay over breakfast, Gary wouldn’t have had to get me away from him. Or if I hadn’t left after Gary and I talked under the willow. Then Gary would never have been hurt.

Oh, Gary, I’m so sorry, I thought as I followed Jay back to the dragon clan’s “village”, as I had come to call it. My wings felt almost too heavy to lift as I flew. But I didn’t want to lose Jay and Gary.

Ahead of me, Jay flew a little higher. Gary’s limp wings hung down from his back and blew in the wind of Jay’s flight. His tail dangled almost as low as his wings, and it too blew gently on the breeze. I knew Jay was probably going to try and lecture me when Gary was taken care of. I knew he meant well, but he wasn’t good at showing it. He didn’t understand me the way Gary did. He didn’t know me, and I doubted he ever truly would. He thought of me as an outsider who had invaded his and Gary’s dream the night I first played with them in Nashville. He and Gary were family, and had known each other since birth, while I was a stranger who hadn’t known either of them until that night. I had been small and weak, living in a shabby apartment that was barely more than a broom closet. I had been jumped by gangsters a few days after we first performed together. It had been Gary who found me and took me back to his and Jay’s apartment, which wasn’t much larger than mine. He had cared for me, comforted me, and given me a place to sleep for the night. But once he had left me in his bed, I lay awake hearing Gary and Jay arguing and raising their voices at each other. At one point, i started hearing loud thumps and cries of pain, and I knew it was because Jay didn’t want me there. With tears in my eyes, I had snuck out the window and just sat in the alley crying for the rest of the night.

That was twelve years ago. Jay had come to like me a lot since then, but I didn’t think he would ever forgive me for that night so long ago. He loved Gary, they were cousins. And it was my fault Gary was dying.

I flew ahead a bit and landed in a small clearing. Jay touched down beside me and took Gary over to a large tree whose base was covered in a thick blanket of moss. The springy plant made a good, soft bed for Gary to lay on until he woke up. I found the stash of blankets from my tour bus I’d brought and hidden in a hollowed out log. Carefully, I spread them over Gary, tucking them in around his shoulders and neck. I paused a moment to look at the place where the lethrarckh had bitten him. I choked back a gasp when I saw it.

Two wounds, about the size of dimes, had been made on either side of his neck. The skin around then was detailed with black vein patterns from where the venom had first entered Gary. The wounds stretched a bit toward the back of Gary’s neck where the demon had been perched on his back trying to rip his throat out. His shirt was torn from her claws digging into his shoulders to keep her on. I stroked his face gently, tears welling up in my eyes as I saw the attack over and over again, my heart breaking to see my beloved Gary in such pain that it left him unconscious.

“Joe, this isn’t your fault.” Jay placed his hand on my shoulder, “You had no idea there was a demon on the loose, and frankly, I’m surprised that she was this close to the clan-lands.” I just nodded, not wanting him to see the tears forming in my eyes. It was one of the things I hated about myself, how easily someone or something could make me cry.

“Joe, you-” He was cut off as I stood silently and walked down the stream. I didn’t want this. Not now. I slumped down under a willow between two thick ferns. I drew my knees up to my chest and wrapped my wings around myself, gently rocking back and forth,my tears finally falling as I wished Gary was there to hold and comfort me. I let my head fall and softly cried myself to sleep.

Aaww, poor Joe Don. Don’t worry, he gets better. Also, in the next chapter, we are introduced to another creature OC of mine, another strange creature from the D. L.-verse. Until then, please R&R and tell me your favorite Rascal Flatts song (since this is about them)